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Learn Cardiac Auscultation
- iPhone Stethoscope -


Nearly 200 years after Rene Laennec invented the stethoscope, this simple device is still used worldwide by doctors and other healthcare providers as part of the routine physical exam of their patients. For millions of patients and their providers who may not have access to more advanced technology, the stethoscope is still an invaluable tool for assessing a patient's cardiac condition and identifying potential problems.

Unfortunately, with the ever greater training and service demands on medical professionals, cardiac auscultation - the technique of listening to and interpreting heart sounds through a stethoscope - is fast becoming a lost skill. Having recorded thousands of heart sounds and murmurs over a career spanning more than 50 years however, one of the leading experts in cardiac auscultation, Daniel Mason, MD, FACC, created in 1994 a 3 CD set of "Heart Sounds and Murmurs" - a series of brief lectures that can enable healthcare professionals to learn and develop the skills needed to effectively and accurately interpret auscultatory information.

While the CD set is no longer available, (and Dr. Mason is no longer with us) we are pleased to announce that "Listening to the Heart" is now available as an app for your iPhone. Using the Listening to the Heart app, you will be able to learn how to properly use a stethoscope, and how to interpret what you hear - whether you are a healthcare professional, or a healthcare "consumer."

As an added benefit, the app also enables you to capture your own heart sounds using your own iPhone, and compare it to Dr. Mason's library of heart sounds in order to identify potential cardiac defects and other conditions. And if a physician is not immediately available, the heart sounds can be emailed to your physician for interpretation, care and follow-up.